Welcome to the CollegeAnywhere trial for the University of Northern Iowa!

To explore CollegeAnywhere's media collections from anywhere on the UNI campus through the CollegeAnywhere Web interface, click here. You can learn more about using CollegeAnywhere, through Blackboard or as an independent resource, by watching this short video

When you click to go the CollegeAnywhere Web interface, you will be presented with this page. To simply explore the collections, click Guest Access. Faculty and instructional designers can access the CollegeAnywhere tools by clicking Enter Credentials if they have a user login.

You will be presented with the Search screen, where you can enter search terms and choose to search through the video captions, through the titles and descriptions of video series, or search through the titles and descriptions of individual episodes.

You can also Browse the collections. In the upper left hand corner of the interface, click Video Library and select Browser (the Search selection is what you see when you first enter CollegeAnywhere) 

You will be presented with a list of all series titles available to you during the trial. Click any series to see the episodes available - click an episode title to view the video. You can select Producer to browse the collection through the producers available to you during the trial.

Browse List view

In addition to the producer collections, you will find tutorial and demonstration videos from CollegeAnywhere in the CollegeAnywhere producer collection.

CollegeAnywhere selection

Click to expand any producer to view the series available, and click on any series to view individual episodes.

CollegeAnywhere series

 CollegeAnywhere is more than video collections. The CollegeAnywhere tools, available to instructors through their login, are designed to integrate CollegeAnywhere's resources into your courses.


Click the ? in the upper right of the interface, and click on any of the links to view pdf documents explaining the tools. CollegeAnywhere also offers the Blackboard Building Block, which integrates all of CollegeAnywhere's tools and resources into the Blackboard interface. You can view tutorials on the Building Block by browsing the CollegeAnywhere collection. You can also learn more about the CollegeAnywhere tools on the CA website.

 For more information on faculty access to the CollegeAnywhere tools and resources during the UNI trial period, please contact CollegeAnywhere at info@collegeanywhere.org.